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Expunging a Michigan DUI (OWI)

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Expunging a Michigan DUI (OWI)

road side breath test

As a Michigan Expungement Attorney, I can’t even count the amount of times that I receive a call from someone who is desperately  trying to expunge a DUI (referred to in Michigan as an OWI or OWVI).

While in 2015, Michigan law made getting expungements or setting aside convictions much easier,  the new law specifically precludes any traffic offense including drinking and driving offenses.  This means that there is NO WAY to legally expunge a DUI in Michigan.  You can read the statute for yourself here.

While you cannot expunge the offense, there are some ways to limit your exposure of your conviction.   Many, but not all criminal background check companies allow you to opt out your information from their database by simply requesting that your information is removed.  This essentially makes it so that when an employer or other person searches for you, no information is displayed.

The problem is that there are hundreds and hundreds of databases, all with unique and very specific opt-out instructions.  There also are new databases that popup every day.

We can help! We created http://www.backgroundcheckremoval.com specifically for this purpose.  We have staff on hand specifically to opt you out of hundreds of  databases.  As new databases are discovered, we will opt you out to those as well.

The service is also great for record corrections and victims of identity theft.  Prices start at only $99!

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