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Scott was very hands on and walked through each step of the process with me as well as openly discussed any available options moving forward.

Scott was everything I could have hoped for when hiring an attorney. During my difficult situation he was caring, honest and always able to answer my questions clear and concisely. He always returns phone calls and emails the same day, and usually you are able to get ahold of him on the first call. The amount of time and work he put into my case was evident from the beginning. He truly cares about his clients and fights for you. Scott was very honest with me throughout my case and always kept me well informed. He was able to get the results I wanted and hiring him was the smartest thing I could have done. I would recommend Scott to anyone.

one of the most honest attorneys i have met in a long time,most attorneys are in with the judges,prosecuting attorneys and magistrates,,,,I would highly recommend Scott Mathew Aaronson for any of your legal advise

Mr. Aaronson handle my expungement successfully. He is professional and made me feel relaxed during the process. He answered all my questions and and was punctual. I never felt I was a bother, he always made me feel I was important to him.

I hired Scott for my OWI. I was very happy with the service I received. I would hire him again (but hopefully I will NEVER EVER HAVE TO!!!!!!) He eased a lot of my fears and seemed to know what he was doing.

Scott was a pleasure to deal with from beginning to end. The process for my case was extremely simple and moved along very quickly. I would recommend Scott to anyone I knew, he is an excellent attorney!!!!


Scott Aaronson has been a lifesaver for me. He always listened to me and went the extra mile that the other attorney I had never even considered. When he pushed to help me, the judge granted our request. The other attorney never even tried and my situation would be much worse without Scott. He is The Best!

Had Mr. Aaronson do an expungment for me. I was always kept up to date on everything there was no guessing game. He did not over charge like a lot of others and after 2 years I found out there was a clerical error filing my expungment. I called Mr. Aaronson and within a few days he had it corrected. I highly recommend Mr. Aaronson to anyone that needs legal counsel.


The Expungement Process


We verify that you are eligible and interview you. You can take the eligibility test here to see if you are eligible.


Your fingerprints along with an application, certified copy of disposition and fee are sent to the Michigan State Police. We also send an application and certified copy of disposition to the Michigan Attorney General’s Office, Prosecutor’s Office and Court.


The Michigan State Police will send your background check to the Attorney General’s office and court.
The Attorney General will issue a “No Opinion” letter and send that to the court.


Once the court receives the documents from the Attorney General’s Office and Michigan State police, we set a hearing with the court and file a Memorandum In Support with the court (usually 6-8 weeks from the date of filing)


We attend the hearing with you and speak on your behalf.
The Judge must determine that the circumstances and behavior from the date of the conviction until the filing of the application warrant setting aside the conviction and that setting aside the conviction is good for public welfare.
If the judge grants the motion, he will sign an order setting aside the conviction.


We serve the order on the Michigan State Police, and private databases.

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